There’s more to Las Vegas than just hotels, casinos and shows! It’s also surrounded by three great national parks, one of which is breathtaking Red Rock Canyon.

Think that casinos and hotels are all there is to Las Vegas? Think again! Nevada is home to many fantastic natural beauties to behold, and the Red Rock Canyon in definitely a great one! Take the Red Rock Limousine Tour on a scenic drive, in style, in one of our outstanding chauffeured limousines. Escape the bustling city and break west out into Red Rock Canyon. See all of the outstanding scenery that this National Park has to offer, such as the endless vivid landscapes, bathed in red, for which it gets it’s namesake, surrounded by an abundance of native plants and wildlife. See spectacular sandstone and limestone formations, and even dinosaur fossils embedded in rock faces. The canyon also has numerous different trails, as well as rock climbing for the outdoor enthusiast and/or adventurist. You can even make a stop and have lunch at a picnic table out in the great wide open, and grab a souvenir at the Visitors Center Gift Shop, as well as discovering information and history of the surrounding area. The Red Rock Tour is a refreshing way to take a break from the bustling Las Vegas scene.

The Red Rock Limousine Tour is available for couples or groups of all sizes.

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